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upholstery we want to show you hear what's going on we have the fire department and some other people who just used a chain saw to crack open what looks like to be a fireproof safe they've let some people back in behind this barricade over the past couple of minutes going through some of the wreckage. right now they're sorting through what they found inside the safe. it will show you some video of the governor being debriefed by investigators and local authorities. arnold schwarzenegger was in china when this explosion happened the governors saying he spoke to president barack obama the day after who promised all the help that california needs. as for the reason for the blast the governor said that is still yet to be determined but he will get to the bottom of this. he understands so if the frustration was not been able to get answers about what happened and what went wrong. there's a lot of bureaucratic red tape a lot of agency spatter
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overlapping of the answers should be forthcoming quickly. >> you're only allowed to talk to the investigators, believe me within the next few days you have the information because of back now want it to drill down and get the information because he was a community have the right to know that is the bottom line. >> one of the things that's interesting to note that most of the blast scene has been left as it is likely to show you right here in the front lawn of someone's house. they have left these large slabs of concrete the burned out cars everything has been left exactly where it was since the blast happened on thursday. kron 4 maureen kelly has a firsthand look at more of the neighborhood.
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is very little left. right here is the brick walk way that used to lead to the front door. the hand rail that used to attach to a wall and now there's nothing left there. he take a look over here if i could show you what's left to the front of the house the exterior is laying just in a pile all of these bits of stucco and chicken wire not just land on the floor now that the wood frame has been burned away. over here is what's left of the inside of the house it's very littleefef sick furniture i think these tons of metal are what's left of the heating system. over here looks like we used to be the stove in the kitchen. you can see all that's lly is bits of charred wood and twisted metal. >> federal investigators are looking into those reports from
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those residents who say they snowcats a few weeks prior to last thursday's explosion. christine conley is looking into that issue as well she joins us live from san bruno. >> that is what the in the investigation were a few blocks away from the fires of one we zoom in and show you you can see those people walking around through the destruction as they continue to search for clues here in the fires of one of the other things are looking into his some reports that residents may have smelled gas in the days before the explosion. let's roll video and walking down the part of the case. 81 year-old elizabeth torres who tuesday was confirmed as the fourth victim in this blast her son says in the weeks before the explosion his mother had smelled gas in the backyard. coming up on kron 4 news @ 5:30 p.m. you will hear more from her and what pg&e has to say about theseorts. reporting live in san bruno kron
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4 news. >> meanwhile deal, administration is taking tighter oversight of the nation's and stronger penalties a violation of pipeline safety rules after last week's deadly explosion. a congressional committee met today totototototototototototote legislation will let creek congressmen on the committee also called for on-site field hearing in san bruno to assess the situation there. the san bruno explosion and fire was a classic example of unusual a response for firefighters and other first responders to arrive from various agencies for across the region. since these different agencies are mostly using radios to different frequencies communicate with one another was a real challenge as a result of antioch and other cities are not joining pick the regional radio network whorl agencies will be on the same frequency. cal fire is already using that system and chief jim crawford said it will save valuable time
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>> the idea is this will be a multi agency multi disciplined approach to incident management. regardless of who it is or what entities are involved the of the ability to have common communications. >> crawford said the network is currently being billed out in faces across the region antioch which is spending more than half a millionononononononononoo and 25 new radios will join the east bay regional network are also under way in the north and south bay. koppers said budget constraints are problem that could be years before the entire bay area is on the same frequency. i grass fire in a run that is now under control you and see the location on the not occurred near the east bound central wind off ramp. itrew to 4 a. before was control the no homes are in danger. should >> sunny skies across the bay area just a look of fog off the coast near san francisco that's
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why temperatures are cooler there. warmer up in the north bay this afternoon temperatures in the '70s and mix of upper '70's low 80's in our inland spots. does everyone in san jose here's a look at the satellite pictures or the fog is hanging on. it broke out near the north and south it will be as extensive as tonight patchy fog the start to they ensign which averages the afternoon. big changes in this week and get a chance of showers saturday and sunday details >> to check on wednesday traffic this is in san francisco where is quite heavy the top of your screen traffic headed towards the lower deck of the bay bridge creeping along, the bottom of your screen also moving slow that southbound traffic on highway 1 01. we'll be right back.
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windshield. >> looking at video of a traffic stop being recorded by this opd officers knew that on camera. >> unlike patrol car cameras this recording device captures video and audio. opd spokesperson explains why the department is diverting money away from the car camera program to the new clip on. >> these are test officers so what officers: house, walking stops, when the contact people off to the side away from their vehicle he'll have video and audio from that stock. >> officer thompson says every traffic stop will be recorded how the officer has to do is lie discovered down like officer jason scott does right here and the cameras rolling. >> i took it for your cracked windshield yet to get that fixed rate away and you get a ticket for not having your driver's license with you ok.
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>> will be good for the public and police officers and that does this traffic hot shows why. >> in this case the woman was saying i didn't get stopped for reason and the officer was routed all recorded. >> 15 cameras being tested now however opd plans head of ordering 350 just cams for the entire patrol division if by the end of the year appeared in oakland kron 4 news. >> a look at are extended forecast a mild weather continues in tomorrow but big changes for this week with a chance of rain. a full forecast changes for this week with a chance of rain. a full forecast is just a few minutes away. [ male announcer ] f hp, carly fioiona laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china.
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nearly a thousand workers at the hilton hotel and san francisco union square are voting on whether or not to strike. the vote is because of stalled contract negotiations. the workers are among 9000 san francisco hotel employees within without new contracts since august of 2009. the delta workers union says they're arguing against proposed increases in workload, health-
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care costs and the freezing of pensions. >> open-ended until the contract is signed or could be three days, two weeks the membership at the hilton is determined to to do whatever it takes to settle contract. >> voting results are expected sometime tonight. a big crowds of the dmv office in fremont today as renovations at the hayward office kept customers from using their usual dmv. kron 4 shows us just how bad things have become frustrated customers trade >> just approaching the fremont dmv is not encouraging here's a typical experience >> hear my lunchi picked up the tickets first of all there's no parking, i parked a block away down the street walked to the counter and was told to get a ticket and it's in our wake. >> it's a long wait >> about an hour.
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>> probably about 10 pages. >> some it was an hour and half even for routine tasks and meet people cram into the waiting area not a place to see people with the inside lane is against the wall killing time however they could. >> i've been here for an hour- and-a-half when i came here this morning the line was all around the whole building. there's so many people in their >> the place was no easier said there is no time to rest. >> a lot of work >> will get better for the next three weeks that's when the hayward office reopens for renovations of the long waits are here to stay for awhile. in fremont kron 4 news. >> this decision 2010 voters on tuesday as selected t party over establishment republican. a stunning upset in delaware may
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have torpedoed republican house of ending democratic control of the u.s. said it carried >> the midterm election and republicans are focusing on the number tend that's how many more seats they need to win control of the senate. >> ladies and to amend the people of delaware have spoken. (cheering) >> this woman just make their job more difficult for republican strategists call christine o'donnell on electable. i >> have to tell you we were looking at 829 seats in the senate were now looking at >> 728> o'donnell one the senate nomination in delaware with the backing of the tea party not the republican party she advocates abolishing social security and medicare and the department of education o'donnell defaulted on our mortgage, defaulted on her student loans and has been called a fraud by her former campaign manager nevertheless she upset longtime congressman michael castle who had been a
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heavy favorite to fill vice president off biden's senate seat. >> i want everyone in the republican party to oppose me to know this. you're welcome to join the people's crusade >> and in new york tea party back carl padded dino defeated party veteran in the republican primary for governor. the buffalo millionaire has proposed turning prisons into dormitories for welfare recipients and he's been caught parting racist e-mail jokes. >> he will face andrew the former york in november. meg whitman the republican candidate for governor has surpassed the new york mayor marco bloomberg for the highest personal contribution in american campaign history. whitman's campaign reported another $50 million contribution yesterday and that brings her personal donation to our campaign to $119 million. whitman however has spent the summer aggressively fund-raising for general
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election race against jerry brown so far brown has raised about $30 million for his campaign. we're keeping an eye on to category 4 hurricanes debate this is a look at hurricane igor which could hit the mute out by sunday and hurricane julia strengthen over night but it's still far from land. meantime tropical storm from made landfall in mexico appeared our web producer kimberly is as a look. >> carl just smashed into mexico today. the wind speeds reach 65 mi. per hour were going to take a look at some of the pictures coming out of the storm so on. first off you concede just how hard those winds are you can see the trees bend over waves in the background just jumping around. those people barely standing. these people are walking through what is the street that's a great deal of water on the ground again the trees just bend over here fishermen are frantically trying
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to get their boats out of the water just before the storm hits you can see the waves just jostling about. kroll is expected to hit mexico t t t t s posting again as early as friday. to read all about her career and eagle but >> a live look over downtown severed cisco temperatures from the wild side. we will see big changes as we move into the weekend friday will see changes clouds will start to stream and temperatures will cool off in saturday into sunday that some of the chance of rain first in the evening on saturday then in the morning on sunday. cool temperatures will prevail is we'll talk about this more in a moment we'll talk about what's going on outside right now appeared our satellite pictures fog will agree on the coastline that clear upp the north coast and down far south as san mateo coast. this been the fog will
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not be as extensive as what we saw there today. fog tracker shows filling in along the coastline that will happen to the bay shores by 6:00 in the morning. the fog will make it much farther and not going to move in the 9:00 hour you notice a lot of clearing at this point back to the coastline by new we could still see sunbreaks and out there along the coast like were seeing today. cabbage warm little bit a couple degrees or so. ser file in our inland spots we in the low 80's, 65 san francisco '70's bay shore million dollars '70s down the south bay. the stock with the rain right now pretty strong storm moving into the pacific northwest look like the majority of it will assess the future cast light rain to the north bay 11:00 a.m. on saturday continuing into the afternoon and into the evening. it's sunday of a better chance of rain bay area wide at least right now. the trend and appeared our modecomputer monitg
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continuing through sunday in pushing up by monday. not expecting a lot of rain but the majority will stay to the north with light showers expected mainly on sunday. again tomorrow might of conditions in cooling and friday and chances of rain first in the north and saturday then through the rest of the bay area by sunday. cooler temperatures will prevail with the storm as it passes through and as we head into next week dryer and slightly warmer conditions are expected. >> now your silly roberts to found some people behaving badly. the temporary trans the terminal will be here for the next seven or more years. it's all for muni, eyhound and sam tram buses. the security officers are stationed here to keep the terminalnd safe for everyonee who uses it. it appears these officers may have their hands fall. to date of show you who's securities try to keep out of the terminal and why. on the next edition of behaving badly
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on kron 4 news. the check of traffic in san jose this is highway won a one the headlights' are southbound as you can see traffic is moving brisket all directions including the guadalupe overpass. we'll be right back. but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed.
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and now he's going around taking credit for it. whihe raised taxess, as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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you can even upgrade to over 130 hd channels. that's so cool. i know. [ female announcer ] see it. believe it. u-verse tv. ♪ northern colorado residents displaced by a wild fire may be able to return to their homes in fire officials say the winds are weaker than expected and might start letting people back in today. the fire has charged 710 a. west of land and it destroyed crew hopes that a fully contained by friday. investigators believe the fire was started by two residents burning leaves and other debris. it's unclear whether they will face charges. all wild fire burning in a canyon in kern county has forced the mandatory evacuation of some residents living nearby. crews battling the more than 5,000 a. fire they only have 10 percent contained and at this hour. if our
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official say thereinjuries and'e it fully contained by friday as well. this year is on track to be one of the warmest on record. if the latest statistics covering january through august showed 2010 is tied with 1998 as the hottest year. another report finds the third smallest report if eric dixie ice as warming temperature continues to cause global warming. we have a programming note to tell you about this thursday night nbc will air the giants game and we will air nbc programming. at 8:00 p.m. on kron 4 you can catch the season premiere of the apprentice it will be followed by a special edition of the kron 4 news attendee on. we'll be right back.
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